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Frases de amor en inglés para enamorar en otro idioma

Frases de Amor en Inglés Para Enamorar en Otro Idioma

   El idioma británico es una forma ideal de enamorar, por eso te traemos las frases de amor en inglés, para que tu amado/a se enamore de todas las formas posibles. Estas espectaculares frases te permitirán conquistar el corazón de ese ser especial con un idioma distinto al español.

   Las frases de amor en inglés pueden resultar muy románticas , perfectas para un detalle, o simplemente un mensaje recordando el amor que sientes. Y es que si, las mismas palabras que usamos en español son verdaderamente cautivadoras cuando nos las muestran en un idioma distinto.

   Aquí verás nuestro repertorio de frases de amor en inglés, te ofrecemos más de 70 mensajes que podrás usar para atraer a tu chico/a ideal. No te pierdas nuestra selección de frases y empieza a expresarle al mundo la importancia del amor.

  1. To have you for a few minutes in my arms is to keep you in my heart for an eternity.
  2. You are that person who waits a lifetime, of that I am completely sure, the only thing I regret is not having met you before.
  3. You always walk with me, not close but inside.
  4. Who would say that what started out as crazy ended up being the most beautiful love story of my life.
  5. Your smile looks perfectly beautiful when you are inches from my mouth.
  6. You have the color of eyes and the smile that I want my children to have.
  7. Without a doubt the best day of my life was when I met you, I knew that you had everything I have always looked for to be happy.
  8. You are that person who waits a lifetime, of that I am completely sure, the only thing I regret is not having met you before.
  9. I see you smile; I see you happy and I can only wonder what is it about you that has me so in love?
  10. There is no favorite place for me, because they all are if you are with me.
  11. I not only want to be with you, I also want to be able to show you how in love I am with you.
  12. I always wanted to visit space but just by looking at your eyes I feel like I am in front of two beautiful constellations.
  13. I have waited for you since before I met you, you are that person who told me the songs.
  14. If I had more than two eyes, I would use them all to look only at you, if I had more than one equal heart, I would love only you.
  15. There is no one who owns the heart of someone who already has someone in their heart. I know this because mine has an owner and no one else will be able to own it.
  16. I thought I was not going to fall in love, but you appeared and everything began to change. Love has arrived, I want to live and now I am happier.
  17. Another night without being able to sleep and all thanks to the coffee. Yes, to the coffee of your eyes.
  18. I am so in love with you that if I am asleep, I dream of you and if I am awake, I think of you.
  19. They say that home is the most protective place of all, but now I know that the place that best protects me is your arms. Just when my head rests on your chest and only your heartbeat is heard.
  20. Your innocence catches me, your huge heart inspires me and your gaze full of love is the light that guides me on the dark path of life.
  21. If at some point you get lost, I hope you become one of those stones that I trip over twice.
  22. Some say I’m crazy, others think I’m crazy but the truth of all this is that I’m in love.
  23. With you I discovered that paradise does exist here on earth, and that is what your warm hugs and sweet kisses are.
  24. Touch me with your soft hands, and may tenderness be the owner of our moments.
  25. How in love I am with you was born when I saw your eyes. It started to grow since I spoke to you for the first time and now that I have you to myself, I can’t stop thinking about you.
  26. It is wonderful to find love every day in the same person, that happens to me with you.
  27. When you look at me, I feel a strange but fascinating sensation, and that is that I am sure that I have loved you long before I met you.
  28. I do not know what is the direction that we take together, what I know is that I want to go with you everywhere.
  29. Not all the time are people like you. Life does not always give us the opportunity to feel love for someone. That is how I feel for you, gratitude, admiration and a lot of love.
  30. If there is something that I long for in this life, it is to be in my favorite place: your heart.
  31. By having your love, I am able to fight against the fiercest lion or the most feared giant. It is that your love gives me the strength to be victorious in any battle.
  32. I do not know if I deserve your looks, what I do know is that if you look inside me you will realize how in love I am. And it is that just looking at those cute little eyes already leaves me breathless.
  33. Until today you have become the most beautiful reality of my life, although I almost always spend it dreaming of you.
  34. I want to be the dust you step on, to be able to kiss your feet and fall to the ground, gain momentum and fly until the wind takes you to my deepest thoughts.
  35. I want to be your sun to give light to your days, I want to be your moon to watch your nights, but better I am your sincere love and I accompany you at all times.
  36. You have taught me that the sky is not up as I believed but that it remains by my side when you are with me.
  37. Since you came into my life I sleep less, yes, now he smiled more.
  38. And we are here, a breath away from meeting, just a heartbeat away.
  39. You are in every thought, in every being that crosses me I get you and in every air that I breathe, your memory stays with me.
  40. When you hug me, I feel an inexplicable love that take over my being, a smile is drawn uncontrollably on my face and my heart beats to the beat of your heart.
  41. We can be far away, but not absent. In my heart and in my mind you will always be present.
  42. This time I will not tell you beautiful phrases, I will tell you sincere phrases, it is that my love is becoming more and more infinite and my love is totally true.
  43. I would like to transform myself into wind so that I can fly and fly until I kiss your lips and take your breath away.
  44. It is not necessary to use long sentences to express what I feel, it is enough for me to say I LOVE YOU, because it is all I feel.
  45. Love is achieved through words because someone who is truly in love knows how to say the right words.
  46. From friend you became my confidant, then my lover and greatest desire. Now I can only say that you have become my whole life.
  47. I want to fall in love with you every day of my life because what I am every day I am loving you more and more.
  48. If I read your name I start to sigh, imagine when I see you my heart is about to explode.
  49. When I look into your eyes, I only see the rest of my life.
  50. Maybe we are far away, but you are not from my thoughts. The distance that separates us today is only one reason to love you more and more.
  51. You will never get to imagine how much I imagine you.
  52. It is likely that you have my body only in this life, but I assure you that you will have my soul in this and many more lives.
  53. You have become my desire to not want to be with anyone else.
  54. Finding your love is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me, because thanks to you I am more grateful, more optimistic and I know that I am not alone.
  55. Your smile drives me crazy but knowing that you smile for me is an inexplicable feeling that does not fit in my chest.
  56. In the sky I can see many stars but none of them shine as brightly as your beautiful eyes.
  57. I want to be the air you breathe and the sun that illuminates you, but what I want most in this world is to be the love of your life.
  58. You are that person who has an I don’t know what, I don’t know how to explain it but it makes me I don’t know how.
  59. Since your cheeks were reddened by a whisper, my heart knew that you would be the companion of all my life.
  60. Kissing your mouth is like reaching for the sky with your hands, since you’re with me I can’t stop thinking about you.
  61. They say a minute is 60 seconds, but for me it’s 60 nice ways of thinking about you.
  62. You have become my dream and my inspiration; it is that your love is like a beautiful rose that is budding in my heart.
  63. We walked the world without looking for each other but we knew that at some point we were going to meet.
  64. If we are going to fall, let it be into the temptation of being together, my love.
  65. You are nothing of the other world, you are everything in this.
  66. I want to dedicate thousands of songs that talk to you about love, but I better dedicate my life to you and show you what my heart feels.
  67. I would like to reach your lips and be able to say with kisses everything that my heart does not know how to express in words.
  68. My love has not stopped growing, I constantly discover new things in you that make me fall in love more and more.
  69. If you are thinking that I think about you all day, you are completely wrong, I also do it at night.
  70. With you I want to go to infinity and beyond love, will you accompany me?
  71. Love is patient, love is kind, it is not envious or boastful or proud.
  72. There is no love without forgiveness and there is no forgiveness without love.
  73. Love was just a word, until you came along and gave my life meaning
  74. Despite the people and the time, in my mind there is only you. So, it will be today, tomorrow and all of life.

Conquista el corazón de tu amado/a con estas frases de amor en inglés

  Antes de finalizar con esta lista de frases de amor en inglés queremos recordarte que si deseas leer más frases como estas puedes visitar nuestro blog. En VitriCristales queremos ayudarte a enamorar a tu persona favorita. Por eso pronto estaremos compartiendo más frases de amor para que mantengas enamorado el corazón de tu media naranja.

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